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Residential General Contracting Services in NW Georgia

Acoustic Ceilings

When creating a comfortable and noise-reduced commercial environment, Roof Works Integrity in NW Georgia offers acoustic ceiling installation that meet your acoustic and aesthetic requirements. Whether for dining out, working in an office, or shopping at your favorite store, our NW Georgia team ensures the sound levels are just right. By setting up this environment, we’re ensuring that whether you’re a customer popping in or part of a team grinding away, the atmosphere has this relaxed, calm vibe that gets the productivity juices flowing. This is just one of many of the residential general contracting services Roof Works offers in the NW Georgia area.

Basement Finishing

Are you stuck in the never-ending project of trying to finish your basement? Trust us; we’re the pros at taking those often-forgotten basements from crowded storage dumps to incredible places where you’ll want to spend your time—dreaming of a snug spot for movie nights, an office to kickstart your startup from home, or another bedroom? Our NW Georgia crew gets right into the nitty-gritty – thinking about how light plays in the room, ensuring it’s warm in winter and cool in summer, and remembering that splash of style. We turn your basement into a comfortable spot that feels like a part of your home, ensuring it’s just as welcoming as upstairs.

Trust Roof Works with all of your residential general contracting projects!
Wine cellar basement done by Roof Works in NW Georgia
Refinished Basement by Roof Works in NW Georgia

Replacement Decks

Experience the outdoors with another residential general contracting service – our replacement deck service. When we’re on the job creating decks, it’s all about finding that sweet spot between function and flair for us. We’re all about ensuring your brand-new deck feels like it’s been a part of your NW Georgia home from the start, seamlessly blending with its design. Looking for that perfect spot to unwind or a spacious area to host your next big bash? Our decks are designed with durability in mind, effortlessly becoming the charming extension of the indoor living you’ve always dreamed of.

Roof Works in NW Georgia offers whole home remodels!
Stress less on your next whole home remodel with Roof Works in NW Georgia
Let the roofing company Roof Works in NW Georgia create your dream home with a whole home remodel!

Whole Home Remodel

Breathe new life into your NW Georgia residence with our home remodel service. We’re here to bring your ideal spaces to life, crafting every nook and cranny to echo your way of living perfectly. Our skilled crew works hand in hand with you, weaving in design wisdom and top-notch skills to craft a living space that’s not only seamless but breathtaking. We also have financing options available!

Fence Build

Our fence-build service offers privacy and curb appeal by crafting a secure and aesthetically pleasing boundary. That is why it is included in our residential general contracting services. A fence is more than just a boundary for your space; it’s the first thing people see. That’s why we’re all about giving you options like swanky automatic gates, sturdy metal barriers, and classic wooden fences to ensure your NW Georgia property starts on the right foot – and stays safe, too! We guarantee they do more than keep your place safe; they also have to look good with the style of your home.


Are you looking for residential general contracting services in the NW Georgia area that tackle flooring? The floors in your home lay the groundwork for every room, and our service is all about blending toughness with style in a way that looks effortless. Whether you’re all about the classic charm of hardwood or prefer the sleek look of tiles, we’ve got just the thing to match your taste and meet those day-to-day needs. This is why flooring is included in our residential general contracting services. We are with you every step of the way, making sure you pick the flooring that fits your design style and can withstand your family size and foot traffic.