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At Roof Works, we're driven by a powerful urge to be your first call when it comes to protecting everything you hold dear.
Learn about Jereme of Roof Works in North West Georgia

About Jereme

I presently hold the position of President of Sales & Operations at Roof Works. At the heart of it all, my main aim is to create an environment where every team member feels like they have a strong backing and are motivated to pursue their personal development goals right here with us.

With a career spanning since 2005, I have amassed extensive experience in the construction industry. Building relationships in the business world and constantly learning more about construction lights my fire.

Aside from what I do for a living at Roof Works, nothing beats the joy and fun I get from hanging out with my family. I also have a soft spot for rubbing elbows with fellow business enthusiasts. Catching up at industry gatherings is where I thrive and get to swap stories, tips, and handshakes. In my leisure time, I cherish outings to car shows and outings on the boat with my loved ones.

As the President, my main job is helping our Roof Works team members outshine themselves daily. Thanks to all the years I’ve spent getting muddy boots in the construction world, I can do that. When not buried in work, hanging out with my family tops my list.

Learn about Lindsey of Roof Works in North West Georgia

About Lindsey

I currently serve as the Founder and CEO of Roof Works, where my primary goal is to facilitate substantial growth and eventually establish a non-profit dedicated to addressing the needs of older people. Growing up with parents in the construction business, I learned the ropes from the ground up. From the simple to the complex, I’ve wrapped my head around both ends of building and design. Whether we’re laying down foundations or piecing together intricate details, you can bet I’m all in.

Complementing this industry experience, I hold a degree in Business and am a licensed realtor in Georgia. While professionally driven, my true passion lies in my family, including my children and beloved granddogs, with whom I enjoy winter sports during the appropriate season.

So, tying everything together, my adventure through the ups and downs of professional life and chasing after my aspirations has been quite the rollercoaster. But here I am, having arrived at this beautiful juncture where everything makes sense. I’m pouring everything I’ve got into learning and growing, all while keeping my eyes on that one major prize.    

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Your home should reflect your style and individuality, so Roof Works is here to collaborate on every detail. We're all ears when it comes to your ideas, working closely with you to ensure they really pop in the finished product. We also offer financing to help with costs!

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With our experienced team and transparent communication, asking questions has never felt more accessible than with us. Trust us at Roof Works to fix your roof with solutions that are solid, reliable, and totally trustworthy.

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Unlocking your home's full potential is our goal. Our GAF-certified roofs give you peace of mind and a sturdy top for your home. Think of your house as more than walls and a roof – it's your cozy retreat where style meets efficiency in perfect harmony.

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