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Gain Full Control Over Your Roofing Options in NW Georgia

Welcome to Roof Works Integrity in NW Georgia, your trusted partner for all things roofing services! Nailing every single detail and ensuring you’re thrilled with our work is what we live for. We’re all about channeling our energy into ensuring your roof doesn’t just catch eyes but also weathers the years like a champ. Why not jump into our wide array of roofing services below? You’re sure to stumble upon something that catches your eye!

Metal Roofing Services

At Roof Works in NW Georgia, we’re all about giving you a stress-free experience with our metal roofing. We’ve got you covered whether you’re eyeing a sleek metal roof for your home or business, with options ranging from stylish standing seam to sturdy screw-down panels. These roofs aren’t just easy on the eyes and tough against nasty weather; they also come with solid warranties to protect your investment.

We offer a wide range of roofing services in NW GA, and provide warranties for all of our products.

Asphalt Roofing Services

Roof Works Integrity in NW Georgia specializes in asphalt roofing, offering a durable, cost-effective option with a 5-Year Installation Workmanship Warranty and manufacturer warranties for added peace of mind. They’re your go-to crew for everything roofing – whether swapping out shingles, crafting brand-new roofs from scratch, or giving an old roof some much-needed TLC.

Commercial TPO Roofing Services

Roof Works in NW Georgia offers comprehensive commercial TPO roofing, including new installations, repairs, complete tear-off and replacements, and solutions for low-slope roofs, all backed by a 5-year Installation Workmanship Warranty and product manufacturer warranties. These folks are in the business of designing roofs that not only cut down your energy expenses but also last for ages.

Gutter Cleaning & Installation Services:

In NW Georgia, gutter cleaning and installation services include installing and repairing 4-inch half-round and 6-inch seamless metal gutters, enhancing homes’ functionality and aesthetic appeal. On top of that, we’ve got you covered with gutter guards and a cleaning service to match. If it’s time for a new look or replacement, don’t sweat it – we offer an array of colors. This way, your home stays safe from water damage while looking sharp.

Light Commercial Contracting Services

At Roof Works in NW Georgia, we’re your go-to team for sprucing up or starting fresh on light commercial projects. Think of us when you need that personal touch for making spaces shine, whether it’s slapping a new coat of paint inside and out, putting in those sound-dampening acoustic ceilings, crafting the perfect build-out, giving your façade a facelift with refacing or laying down new flooring to tie it all together. They do this quickly and without breaking the bank, and by making sure each space doesn’t just work well – it speaks volumes about the brand itself.

Residential General Contracting Services:

When you’re ready to make your dream home a reality, that’s where the magic of residential construction services comes into play. At Roof Works Integrity in NW Georgia, we’re all about giving your home a makeover that screams ‘you.” From cozy basement makeovers and stylish deck replacements to installing those fabulous acoustic ceilings you’ve always wanted – not to mention building sturdy fences and laying down sleek flooring. We’re here to revamp your space into something easy on the eyes but suitable for you and your family.

With Roof Works Integrity in NW Georgia, we provide whatever roofing services you may need. Anything from metal roofing, asphalt roofing, and commercial TPO to gutters, we can help. We even have financing options available. We dive hands-first into everything from home spaces’ warm vibes to commercial areas’ lively energy and even the gritty details of putting buildings together.